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Caroline, Devon

Caroline went from couch to 500km in the space of a summer having never run before. She started slowly doing a kilometre at a time and then gradually built up the mileage - running around her local village and along the beach and coastline.

She became a local celebrity in her area with people coming out of their houses and shops to cheer her on, which meant she never ran alone.

Caroline has seen first-hand the devastation that dementia causes through her work as a carer and received a lot of support from the families of those she cares for when she took on the challenge last year. She raised more than £2,200 and aims to do it all again but run 500 miles this year!

Emdad, London

Emdad crossed the finish line of Running Down Dementia 2016 having raised more than £100 thanks to the following he created on social media. He used both his Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote his challenge and friends and family got behind his cause.

Emdad celebrated reaching 100km with a cup of tea!

Team Parkin, Stratford-upon-Avon

Young sisters Amelia and Tessa Parkin joined forces to complete Running Down Dementia - sharing the mileage throughout the summer and raised more than £1,000 for dementia research in the process.

Amelia and Tessa's grandma is living with dementia so they were keen to make a difference and got Blue Peter badges for their efforts.

They ran with their mum Emma and dad Dave as 'Team Parkin' at their local parkrun, around their home near Stratford upon Avon and even in Iceland to rack up the miles!

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