Thank you!

Thank you!

Join us again in 2018!

Thank you to everyone who ran, walked and jogged! Sign up to be the first to hear about Running Down Dementia 2018.

Set yourself a challenge

Set yourself a challenge

Run 100KM all in one go or break it down into smaller chunks. Set yourself a challenge that stretches you.

Get fit and get inspired

Get fit & get inspired

Why not run your challenge with friends? Achieve your goals together and inspire each other to keep going.

Smash your goals

Smash your goals

While you smash your running goal, the money you raise will get us closer to the goal of defeating dementia.

Your support powers research

Right now there are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK alone, and every three minutes another person develops the condition.

Around every one of those people are friends and family, often struggling themselves to keep life on track. But by participating in Running Down Dementia you give everyone hope by helping to fund vital research.

Get social with #TeamARUK

Our Challenge Heroes share their stories...

Follow the ups and downs, the trials and the triumphs as our Heroes take on Running Down Dementia. They’ll share their experiences and what’s motivating them to keep going!

Run 100KM raise £100

Stats so far

Number of runners 4062

Total £ raised 251765.5

Number of teams 676

Total KM run 446901.038

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Do it with parkrun

parkrun organises weekly 5KM runs at over 400 locations around the UK. Take part in Running Down Dementia through your local parkrun.

Register and let's get going

Register & Let's get going

We need your support in the fight against Dementia. Challenge yourself, get fit and join us. We can do this together.